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LU BF Bioethics and Biosecurity centre
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The Centre for Bioethics and Biosafety was established in 2006.

1. To create and implement interdisciplinary research and applied research projects, involving the specialists from the fields of biology, medicine and social sciences; to participate in academic work in the scope of these projects; to collaborate with universities, state, business and nongovernmental organisations in Latvia and abroad.

2. To implement research on bioethics and biosafety, studying socio-economic aspects of biotechnologies and advising on their implementation and application. 


Research directions:

1. Attracting funding and creating thematic research groups in bioethics and biosafety. Promoting and coordinating collaboration and information exchange between social science and life science specialists at UL.

2. Innovative work, support and consultations, organising study courses, lectures and seminars falling within the scope of competence of the centre.

3. Supervising scientific work of students, participation in study programmes in biology, medicine, social sciences.



2003-2007 EU 6th framework project “Challenges of Biomedicine”, leader of Latvian research group Dr. Aivita Putniņa, more information on

2007 UNESCO funded project Societal aspects of Human Genome Research project, project report (in Latvian)

2007 WHO funded project National Report on Health and Violence in Latvia, leader of research group Dr. Aivita Putniņa

2008 Latvian Council of Sciences funded project Governing Biotechnologies: stem cell research and its legal and ethical aspects

2009-2011 EU 7th framework project „Citizen participation in knowledge intensive policy field”